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"Shaping Dancers", Laura Elena Cordero

The Fluxum Foundation is sponsoring post-production for the documentary film by Laura Elena Cordero. 

Over a period of two years, seven dance apprentices barely out of puberty come together from a variety of countries, backgrounds, and temperaments, to train in the eclectic world of the famous Lausanne school founded by Maurice Béjart. They want to become professional dancers. Step by step, alternately showing aching vulnerability and iron discipline, they reveal to us their rite of passage and their personal story. We watch them from their first auditions to the end of their training, through performances, road trips, classes, and private moments as they are transformed.

This film recounts the coming of age of young dance apprentices. Seven personal stories, seven teens devote all their passion and courage to finding their place in the world as dancers. For the first time, this documentary shows the methods used by Maurice Béjart to train his apprentices.

A production of Vivace FILMS



"Shaping Dancers", Laura Elena Cordero
"Shaping Dancers", Laura Elena Cordero