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Residence Compagnie Speak in Silence

18.04-28.04.17 and 01.06-08-06.17

The Flux Laboratory welcomes the Speak in Silence Company in residence as part of their new creation.

Speak in Silence is a young contemporary dance company established in 2017 in Geneva under the artistic direction of Mélina de Lamarlière.

Mélina decides to create the company Speak in Silence, with Camille Krotenberg to create movements based on emotions. Speak in Silence also wants to use dance as a means of communication on sensitive subjects or too often ignored.

For their first creation, Speak in SIlence collaborates with Lisa Laroussi-Libeault.

With this play, Melina, Camille and Lisa explore the notion of trauma among humanitarians.

The creation, while sensitizing the viewer to the reality of the humanitarian worker, aims to explore the emotional states that overwhelm him when he is confronted with extreme situations. The creation also aims to establish an authentic and sincere connection between the public and the various actors in the field of humanitarian and art by taking an innovative look at this particular job.

A deeply emotional and human experience.

A production of the Company Speak in Silence. With the support of Flux Laboratory (Switzerland), SeedSpace, and the ADC of Geneva (Switzerland).

Choreographer: Mélina De Lamarlière

Playwright: Lisa Laroussi-Libeault

Communication Officer: Camille Kronenberg

Production: Cie Speak in Silence

Residence Compagnie Speak in Silence
Residence Compagnie Speak in Silence