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Opéra Dansé : La Flûte enchantée

On the heels of their resounding success in Paris and throughout France, the Compagnie Pernette is presenting a totally wild dance show in Geneva, a mix of hip hop and contemporary dance. The show will pique the curiosity and interest of dance fans and music fans, the young and the old, professionals and amateurs alike. It’s a multicolored pastiche.

Monday, June 6th - 8:30 PM

BFM (Bâtiment des Forces Motrices – Genève) 
Location: Manor Genève, 6 rue Cornavin
Service cultural Migros Genève
7 rue du Prince, tel. 022 319 61 11
email: scmbilletterie@gmge.migros.ch

Organization: Flux Laboratory
Informations 022 308 14 50

The profit of this show will be completely offered to the group SIDA Geneva.

Opéra Dansé : La Flûte enchantée
Opéra Dansé : La Flûte enchantée
Pedro Lombardi