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Multidisciplinary commissions to young artists

The Fluxum Foundation is pleased to support the project Multidisciplinary commissions to young artists for this new edition of La Bâtie Festival.

A new wind blows on La Bâtie! For its 42nd edition, the Festival is developing a brand new and beautiful project of multidisciplinary commissions to confirmed artists on the one hand and to becoming creators on the other hand. Whether they are young or experienced, they face the same challenge: to create a duo or a solo that mixes and confronts the arts. Here, music rubs with dramaturgy; there, dance mixes with visual arts... All the combinations are possible and new links are woven between theatrical, choreographic, musical and plastic writings. Duos of local and recognized artists on one side, first pieces of promising young talents freshly graduated from the high schools of music (HEM) and performing arts (La Manufacture) on the other: as many treasures to discover.

The young artists were in residency at Flux laboratory during the month of August.

La Bâtie Festival de Genève


Marius Barthaux - Verra Verra
Marius Barthaux - Verra Verra
@ Festival La Bâtie Genève