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Architecture and Cultural Buildings

…the role of architecture in the City 

The Fluxum Foundation is organizing an event in the Flux Laboratory on the occasion of the opening of the New De Young Museum in San Francisco, in collaboration with Swissnex.
Personalities from the worlds of architecture, the arts, and industry will gather for an evening inspired by the philosophy of Louis I. Kahn: “A work of art is the making of a life. The architect chooses and arranges to express in spaces an environment and in relationships man’s institutions. There is art if the desire for and the beauty of the institution is filled.”

A month ago, two opposite/opposing worlds met and mingled in a playground: dance and design.
Their big differences became minor ones. Yes, it’s true! Design and dance have only minor differences.

Choreography and direction: Nicolas Musin 
Dancers: Hannah Ahti, Fernanda Diniz, Maxime Lachaume 
Virtual images: design The lab
Photographer: Jean-Daniel Meier 
Sound and lights: Patrick Duvoisin, Cyrille Girardet 
Duplex: TSA 
Swissnex, connecting the dowries 
Kitchen: gamma Catering LIMITED COMPANY, Paganel chocolate factory

Architecture and Cultural Buildings
Architecture and Cultural Buildings