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"ㅇㅣ, nonverbal communication", Mimi Jeong

26.01.17 and 27.01.17

7 p.m.



A solo dance performance pursuing the interrelationship between a human body and its structured environment. This creation is conceived as a questioning on the influence of distance as well as physical or invisible sources on the human body and its movement in the space. How is a body determined by its confrontation to an inert body? Who is leading, who is following?

In an exchange of power between human and object, Mimi Jeong deals here with the risk of fragility. In a game of equilibrium between silence and noise, tension and counterbalance, all the entities of her environment pursue a common search for correspondence.

The specific environment composed by live sounds as well as movements and space interactions creates a fragile container for the human body. It is containing the dancer and the audience as well as created by their simple presence and dialogue.

ㅇㅣ, curve and line are sources of many writing schemes and have been the key figures for the choreographic, spatial and musical language of this creation. How can the combination of two simple characters express the complexity of existence? And how can they be here revisited to create a singular vocabulary?


Concept, choreography and performance: Mimi Jeong

Concept, set & lighting design: Julien Brun

Sound, music composition: Bruno Spoerri


RSVP : agenda@fluxlaboratory.com before December 7, 2016

Limited seating


"ㅇㅣ, nonverbal communication", Mimi Jeong
"ㅇㅣ, nonverbal communication", Mimi Jeong
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